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    Bushra Rehman

    Bushra Rehman grew up in Corona, Queens but her mother says she was born in an ambulance flying through the streets of Brooklyn. Her father is not so sure, but it would explain a few things. Bushra was a vagabond poet who traveled for years with nothing more than a Greyhound ticket and a book […]

Reviews and Raves

"Bushra is a little bundle of magic. Her poetry transports you from the dreary world into a colorful, surreal, emotional, and heartfelt place — she makes you wish you were home, and home is wherever she is. She can talk story you all the way from Corona to Pakistan with her insight, humor, and wisdom — and you'll be grateful for the ride." — Ishle Yi Park, The Temperature of This Water Poet Laureate of Queens


Corona: The Soundtrack

RAZIA MIRZA ON CORONA: THE (IMAGINARY) FILM SCORE “CORONA is filled with music, whether it’s references to specific artists (I tortured my fellow passengers on a road trip by bringing mix CDs that only contained Tom Waits) or entire underground music scenes (I fell hard for a Bengali mathematician I met at Basement Bhangra). The […]

Corona reviewed in The Four Quarters Magazine

“WHEN THE POLITICAL IS PERSONAL AND THE PAST, CONTINUOUS” By Bhaswati Ghosh December 8, 2013 “For second-generation immigrants born to South Asian immigrant parents in the Western world, life is a two-fold quest. While their parents float in self-created bubbles by popping open the time capsules in which they arrive from their home country, the […]

Corona reviewed in the Village Voice

“Q&A: Queens Native Bushra Rehman On Her Debut Novel and Growing Up Pakistani Muslim in Queens” By Heather Baysa July 31, 2013 “Bushra Rehman’s first novel, Corona, is a fragmented, poetic, on-the-road adventure told from the perspective of the charismatic Razia Mirza. After coming of age in a tight Muslim community surrounding the first Sunni […]