Corona reviewed in the Village Voice

“Q&A: Queens Native Bushra Rehman On Her Debut Novel and Growing Up Pakistani Muslim in Queens” By Heather Baysa July 31, 2013 “Bushra Rehman’s first novel, Corona, is a fragmented, poetic, on-the-road adventure told from the perspective of the charismatic Razia Mirza. After coming of age in a tight Muslim community surrounding the first Sunni […]

Corona Reviewed in Publisher’s Weekly

Razia, our Desi born heroine begins life in Corona, Queens, a neighborhood once referred to by F. Scott Fitzgerald as the “Valley of Ashes.” From there she starts a journey that has her giving historical tours in Salem, M.A., where her darkness aggravates donors and history buffs, smoking pot in the tenderloin of San Francisco […]

Corona reviewed in The Cornell Sun

By Madeline Salinas “Ultimately, in Corona, Rehman’s strategy is to convey the complex gender dynamics of her culture by telling a variety of different stories, each exploring a different perspective on the relationships between men and women in relationships and families. To the colored women writers in the audience, Rehman says, “The more of us […]

Corona reviewed in B*tch Magazine

By Kjerstin Johnson “Rehman uses humorous and honest powers of observation to tell more about America than any academic book, and reminds us that we come of age our entire lives.” Buy the Issue today!

Corona reviewed in The Wellesley News

By Alice Liang “The sharp irony of Corona begins with it’s title and continues through the novel’s short stories.” Read full article  

Corona reviewed in Muslimah Media Watch

By Shireen “Corona is Bushra Rehman’s riveting first novel. The first sentence of the book begins by smashing assumptions; we think “Corona” and think alcoholic beverage. Well, I certainly do. But that’s not what Rehman is writing about. ‘Corona, and I’m not talking about the beer. I’m talking about a little village perched between under […]

Corona in LA Times Review of Books

By Chaitali Sen “In a similar vein, Bushra Rehman’s exquisite novel in linked stories, Corona, inserts unexpected South Asian characters into places of deep cultural significance. It begins in an immigrant enclave of New York, no longer the Jewish and Italian neighborhoods of Lower Manhattan, but Corona, “a little village perched under the number 7 […]