Marianna’s Beauty Salon: Two Poems by Bushra Rehman

The Margins  The moon appears / the small clip of a nail a paring knife / a chalk mark / left to linger in the sky pmonaghan/Flickr The Difference It’s the difference between whether you talk to the girl or not whether you carry the moon home in the seat of your pants burning and […]

Your Lock

Your lock is more delightful to me than a hundred keys – Jalal al-din Rumi It is the missing clasp of your body that shudders me awake, and before I fall asleep, I replay all the tightly wound metal of our kisses, all the ways our bodies resisted, all the ways we came unhinged, let […]

You Say You Miss My Hair

(For bald girls everywhere) Don’t you see that now the entire night and the light are my hair That the fences on delancey street the old columns the broken figures and statues that now these are my hair (your soft hands on my head are my hair) The broken english of a mother running across […]