Corona Halal Meats

The Margins The masjid wasn’t even close to finished, but our fathers were starting from the top and were building their way down. Image by Conrad Chua In June, days after the Supreme Court lifted legal blocks on President Trump’s Muslim Ban save those with “bona fide relationships” to the United States, we asked writers […]

Ajax, Raid, Mr. Clean

By Bushra Rehman, runner up, Blue Shift Journal In my house, there was my mother, my father, me, and about fifty million roaches. My mother was mostly interested in them. While I was asleep, dreaming my Atari dreams, my mother was planning her attack. Ajax, Raid, Mr. Clean. Like any general or captain, she got […]

Corona (and I’m not talking about the beer)

Corona, Queens I’m talking about a little village perched under the number 7 train in Queens between Junction Boulevard and 111th St. I’m talking about the Corona Ice King, Spaghetti Park and PS 19. The Corona F. Scott Fitzgerald called the valley of ashes as the Great Gatsby drove past it on his night of […]

Pioneer Spirit

Salem, Massachusetts August 1995 My first summer away from Queens, I worked in Salem, a city so famous for burning women its whole economy was based on it. I got a job at a recreated seventeenth century village called Pioneer Spirit. It was like a run down Plimoth Plantation, the bastard child where all the […]