THE RUMPUS By Tamiko Byer October 31st, 2018 Poet, novelist, and teaching artist Bushra Rehman knows a Queens bully when she sees one. In her first novel, Corona, and now in her new poetry collection, Marianna’s Beauty Salon, Rehman depicts a tough and tender New York City. Her writing is rooted in her experience of […]


Literary Hub By Tamiko Byer October 5, 2018 Bushra Rehman  “Writing from life can be a tricky business,” notes Rehman. It’s an art that Rehman has deftly honed in both her poetry and fiction, and which she teaches in her long-running “Two Truths and a Lie” course. Rehman’s novel, Corona, and her recent poetry collection, […]


Publisher’s Weekly September 2018 In Rehman’s debut collection, indelible truths permeate slice-of-life recollections and blustery fantasies of desire. Alienation and intimacy, a sensation of stasis, and the comforts of a Queens immigrant household all mark the speaker’s physical and emotional universe. Rehman sardonically illuminates social shifts, such as the tensions of a world kept at […]

Author: Bushra Rehman

The Queens Tribune By Thomas Moody August 2018 In the final chapter of Corona, Bushra Rehman’s debut novel, a bread truck breaks down on a cold Queens winter night on the street the neighborhood has unofficially reserved for abandoned cars. What seems like the whole of Corona looks on from their houses, waiting to see […]

Marianna’s Beauty Salon: Two Poems by Bushra Rehman

The Margins  The moon appears / the small clip of a nail a paring knife / a chalk mark / left to linger in the sky pmonaghan/Flickr The Difference It’s the difference between whether you talk to the girl or not whether you carry the moon home in the seat of your pants burning and […]

Corona Halal Meats

The Margins The masjid wasn’t even close to finished, but our fathers were starting from the top and were building their way down. Image by Conrad Chua In June, days after the Supreme Court lifted legal blocks on President Trump’s Muslim Ban save those with “bona fide relationships” to the United States, we asked writers […]

Ajax, Raid, Mr. Clean

By Bushra Rehman, runner up, Blue Shift Journal In my house, there was my mother, my father, me, and about fifty million roaches. My mother was mostly interested in them. While I was asleep, dreaming my Atari dreams, my mother was planning her attack. Ajax, Raid, Mr. Clean. Like any general or captain, she got […]

Among the Rockets: New York Times

New York Times, Walker in NY series The streets of Corona swell with Muslims — men and young boys in new salwar kameez, sent special from family in Pakistan; women and girls, too, in reds, aquas and silvers, the kind usually found in the tails of mermaids and peacocks. We are headed early in the […]

The Lark Articles

On November 13, 2014, “Two Truths and a Lie,” a writing workshop I teach in NYC, was held up at gunpoint. After the robbery, the class became the invisible center in a maelstrom of tensions around the New York Police Department’s Stop-and-Frisk policy, gentrification, and the role of police in communities. Much of what was […]

Two Truths and a Lie: Writing Autobiographical Fiction Part II

First published on Poets & Writers online, September 2, 2013 Go to Part I One of the drawbacks of writing autobiographical fiction is that the people in your head are not imaginary. They’re real. They’re the people you love the most and are most afraid of losing. In the workshop Two Truths and a Lie: Writing […]