Corona reviewed in Samar Magazine

By Zohra Saed

“Corona is a poet’s novel. Bushra Rehman’s narrative voice is strong and musical. It leaps off the page and speaks directly to you, as if you were catching up with a long-lost friend. In a series of linked stories, Rehman paints a vibrant memorial to small treasure neighborhoods tucked deep in the outer boroughs of New York, capturing the intricate vein work of Corona, Queens from its alleyways, streets, and blocks to its network of railway tracks. Even when her young Pakistani American protagonist Razia Mirza is not in New York City, when she is out on the road vagabonding through America, she carries her childhood—a cocoon of friends, cousins and uncles—with her. Rehman offers us an honest sketch of Razia, as we follow the travels, mistakes and chance decisions that shape this flawed and beautiful main character.”

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